Moules Mariniéres

Mussels steamed with white wine, shallots, cream, parsley 16.95

Escargot BZ

French snails, herb garlic butter, Pernod, pesto crumbs 13.95

Pâté Traditionnel

House pâté with red wine mustard and crouton 11.95

Soupe á l'Oignon

Baked onion soup with gruyére cheese 9.95

Soup du Jour


Salade Lyonnaise

Frisée, smoked bacon, and poached egg 12.95

Salade de Poulet

Poached chicken, caramelized fennel, tomato, red onion, almonds & greens, with a
crème fraiche vinaigrette 15.95

Salade du Bistrot

Boston Lettuce, lemon vinaigrette 8.95

Salade d' Endives

Endive salad with roquefort, walnuts, and banyuls vinaigrette 12.95

Salade Anchoïade

Romaine, white anchovy, Parmesan, anchovy dressing 9.95
with pulled roast chicken 14.95

Gigot d'Agneau

Sliced leg of lamb, grilled onion, watercress, rosemary aioli 14.95

Sandwich aux Oeufsr

Truffled egg salad, whole grain toast 9.95

Croque Monsieur

Grilled French ham and gruyère cheese sandwich, pomme frites 13.95

Le Royale

Char grilled hamburger, bleu cheese, sauce BZ, pommes frites 15.95

Tartine d'Oeuf Haché

Truffled egg salad, on open-faced whole grain toast with petite salade 9.95

Tartine de Saumon fume

Smoked salmon, herbed crème fraiche, on open-faced sour dough toast with petite salade 14.95

Soupe et ½ Sandwich

Soup du jour & half sandwich.
Choice of: Lamb, Croque Monsieur, Egg Salad, or Smoked Salmon 14.95
with baked onion soup 17.95

Yellow watermelon with French feta and basil 9.95

Sautéed soft-shelled crab, roasted corn salad and red pepper coulis 16.95

Risotto with braised oxtail and beets 15.95

Quiche du Jour

Petite salade 14.95

Ratatouille & Chèvre Crêpe


Chicken & Mushroom Crêpe


Steak Frites

Bistrot steak, maitre d’hotel butter, pommes frites 28.95

Poulet Grand Mère

Roasted chicken "Grandmother Style," smoked bacon, mushrooms, Parisian potatoes, pearl onions, roasted garlic, rosemary-garlic jus 26.95

Tagine de Légumes

Moroccan-spiced vegetable & chickpea stew with toasted almonds, served with cous cous 18.95