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Celebrate Bastille Day at Bistrot Zinc

Bistrot Zinc invites you to join us on Thursday, July 14, as we celebrate Bastille Day. We will have a special menu for the day and will be decorated accordingly. We will be open regular hours 11:30 am – 10 pm.

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About Bastille Day:

Bastille Day at Bistrot Zinc

Marie Antoinette, wife of King Louis XVI, is often mistakenly credited with the quote, "Let them eat cake!"

Bastille Day is the French national holiday celebrated on July 14th of each year. It is called Fête Nationale (National Holiday) in France.

Bastille Day is the French symbol of the end of the Monarchy (Marie Antoinette**) and the beginning of the First Republic.

The national holiday is a time when all citizens can feel themselves to be members of a republican nation. Just as the people in the United States celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence as the beginning of the American Revolution, so the people in France celebrate the storming of the Bastille prison as the beginning of the French Revolution.

The young queen was lively and extravagant. The stiff formalities of court life bored her, so she amused herself with such pleasures as fancy balls, theatricals, and gambling. Marie lacked a good education and cared very little for serious affairs. She did not hesitate to urge the dismissal of the able ministers of France whose efforts to reduce royal spending threatened her pleasures. Louis XVI gave her the chateau called the Petit Trianon, where the queen and her friends amused themselves.

Marie became very unpopular and was blamed for the corruption of the French court. She lavished money on court favorites and paid no attention to France’s financial crisis. Vicious stories were told about her. One of these stories illustrates the haughty attitude people associated with her name. According to the story, Marie once asked an official why the Parisians were angry. “Because they have no bread,” was the reply. “Then let them eat cake,” said the queen. The suffering people of Paris readily believed this false story.

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