July Specials


Sliced zucchini with chèvre, lemon zest, and mint 7.95

Yellow watermelon with French feta and basil 9.95

Socca with radicchio, fig jam and merguez 11.95

Sautéed soft-shelled crab with roasted corn salad and red pepper coulis 16.95

Arugula salad with dates, bacon, and parmesan 9.95

Onion tart with petite salade 8.95


Grilled salmon with spaghetti squash, pear tomatoes, and walnut pistou 25.95

Bouillabaisse with rouille croutons 28.95

Pork milanese with heirloom tomato salad 25.95

Pan-seared duck breast with farro and stone fruit salad 27.95

À Côté

Side Dishes

Grilled asparagus with balsamic syrup 5.50

Spaghetti squash with pear tomatoes 5.50

Sautéed spinach 4.95

Ratatouille 5.50

Pommes frites 4.95

Haricots verts 5.50

– Bon Appétit!
Chef Tim Kirker

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